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About us -Zhengzhou hejin metal material co.,Ltd

Hejin Metal Material Co.,Ltd. situated in Zhengzhou which called aluminum center, Henan province in China, we are a professional manufacturer engaged in composite materials with patent technology. We have contracted alliances with some research institutions such as Zhengzhou Light Metal Research Institute as well as profession colleges such as Henan University of Science and Technology (HUST). The transportation here is also highly developed.
The advantage of our produce is the unique oxygen-free hot-melt composite technology, improving the peeling strength of our production greatly( such as the Copper & Aluminum clad material, Titanium & aluminum clad material etc ), which can be cut, bended, stretched, drilled, stamped without rugosity, crackness or delamination and have obtained ISO9001:2000 certification. At the same time ,our products have more advantages of good stability ,light weightiness, strong conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance compared with other products on the market. Our products can be widely used in various industries such as electric power industry, decoration industry, ship industry, the auto industry and tableware industry etc.
Our factory have imported the heavy equipment from Germany for compounding and introduced more than 60 sets customed equipments in China. Covering an area of 9700 square meters ,our factory has over 100 employees including 35 professional technicians and 8 senior engineers. With the advanced equipment and technology, any specification requirements of products can be satisfied to our customers.
1. Obtain ISO9001-2000 certification.
2. Innovative corporation pilot projects in Zhengzhou.
3. State validated enterprise technical centers.
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