Copper clad aluminum bimetal sheet

Copper clad aluminum bimetal plate /cla sheet /bi-metallic sheet /bi-metal copper aluminum

Copper clad aluminum bimetal sheet

Technical Parameter:


Secification(thickness * width)
1-15mm * 30-2000mm
Coer and Aluminum weight ratio
32%-40%: 60%-68%
Coer and Aluminum volume ratio
15-20: 80-85
Tensile Strength(N/mm2)
Elongation (%)
eeling Strength(N/mm)


1. Advanced machining processing technique: Solid-Liquid machining processing technique to bond copper and aluminum in oxygen-free environment permanently and firmly. Also, the combination strength continues to reinforce when use.Initiative in China ,we have applied for national patent certificate and obtain ISO9000 certification.
2.Resistance to corrosion and high temperature (500degree c without separation).
3.With good stability , excellent deep drawability and tensile properties ,it can even bear 90 - degree bend without separation.
4. Good mechanical property: Own excellent tensile strength, flexibility and extensibility
5.With an electrical conductivity of 92% or more, it can completely replace pure copper ,by saving cost 64% under same volume. So it is more energy saving and more environmentally friendly.
The dimension can be produce as requested.
1.Electric power industry (conductive industry)
2. Decoration industry
3. Shipping industry
4. Stamp & seal
5. The auto industry
6. Air conditioning radiator
7. LED Light Solar reflector plate


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