Advantage of various thickness aluminium coil
Aluminum composite busbar has surface corrosion, oxidation resistance and the same contact resistance with copper bus, hardness, tensile strength, elongation, bending performance between copper and aluminum bus between the carrying capacity due to the copper layer thickness, close to the copper vary the degree of the bus, after extensive testing, aluminum composite electrical equipment to fully meet the bus conductor ampacity, dynamic thermal stability, mechanical performance requirements.  Copper / aluminum clad busbar aluminum as a core body, the outer double-coated copper composite conductive material, it is the high chemical stability, high conductivity of aluminum, copper and low cost resources, the lower contact resistance in one set, to achieve "section aluminum copper," a new type of low-cost energy-conductor material.  Minimum requirements for copper and aluminum bonding strength is in bending, punching, shearing, such as the process does not appear copper, aluminum stratification. If there is obvious wrinkles in the process of bending, punching, shearing obvious stratification of copper and aluminum, and should not be used in electrical equipment.  Advantage of various thickness aluminium coil Various thickness aluminium coil has a soft, malleable, and has very good usability features. Aluminium coil involves complex is very suitable for molding applications, as compared with other alloys, which harden more slowly, which is the strongest aluminum alloy may be aluminum welding, and welding varied.  Various thickness aluminium coil can replace a copper coil, the coil is no impact on the performance of the mass, can greatly reduce the copper loss and the coil weight, the cost is significantly reduced, and the coil during operation lightweight, safe, small air resistance, low noise, so that coil cost is greatly improved, effectively easing the problem of increasing scarcity of copper resources.
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