Copper Aluminum Bimetal Products like Strips Ferrules (Sleeves) and Washers

Bimetal Strips prevents galvanic corrosion & electric loss. Cuts cost and saves equipment from damage. High cost of copper has prompted manufacturers to use bimetal (Copper and Aluminium) conductors to carry current at all voltages (i.e. EHV, HV and LV). All metals are exposed to corrosion. When two dissimilar metals are held close together, presence of moisture, salinity and pollutants cause galvanic corrosion and electrical loss due to electro-chemical action. moreover, a bad joint can cause electrical resistance, rapid aging of insulation leading to short circuits and endangering life, property and loss of production damaging the equipment itself.
Bimetal Connectors are manufactured to reduce joint resistance and prevent galvanic corrosion. It ensures long life for terminations and improves reliability of power systems of all voltages. The bond is perfectly metallurgical and is subjected to various tests such as Bend, Cup, Chisel, Electrical Specific Resistance etc. The best properties of different metals and alloys are combined economically to solve the design problems.
This connectors are inserted between the two dissimilar sections of the terminals. The aluminium sheet facing the aluminium section of the joint. BIMETAL STRIPS are available in thickness of 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 2.5mm with copper to aluminium ratio of 20% - 30% and 70% - 80%.
Special connectors to suit various sizes are also manufactured. Copper/Aluminium Bimetallic Ferrules are also available in standard sizes at competitive rates.

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