Produces innovative hybrid materials aluminum and copper

 aluminium-kabel are used to weight and cost savings compared to copper. although the electrical conductivity of aluminum on the volume purchased 35 percent lower than that of copper, and the mass-based over twice as high. in practice, this means that a trace of aluminum. eineinhalbfach larger cross-section than a required trace copper, at the same stromtragfähigkeit to achieve. that is the reason for this trace aluminum considerably easier and cheaper than the thinner trace of copper.

a disadvantage of the aluminum is that it is not because of its passivating surface layer can be soldered, and that for the same reason with screw and capeis a übergangswiderstand arises. here, with clips, or casings from cupal a conductive link be involved with each other aluminiumoberflächen pressed and the copper surface with the usual electrical manufacturing weiterverbunden.


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