How to pruduce copper clad aluminum plate
Copper clad aluminum plate consists of Copper sheet cladding on Pure aluminum sheet(base metal), Both metals being diffused together to form an inseparable whole by roll bonding process. Copper clad aluminum, Is therefore not and alloy and copper layers are not electric plating but are rather mechanically welded aluminum sheets. Copper clad aluminum plate has been successfully evaluated and used by many of the world's leading electrical equipment manufacturers. Copper clad aluminum bimetallic plate/sheet applications: 1.Substation & Switchyard Bimetallic clamp and connectors 2.Bimetallic clamp and connectors 3.Cable lugs and cable end connectors 4.bus ducts and bus bar chambers 5.Isolators and switchgear 6.Oil & Vacuum Circuit Breakers 7.Overhead connectors 8.Flexible connectors
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